Accounting Services in Armenia

All companies and non resident entities will be obliged to maintain their accounting records and to report under IFRS, from 01.01.2011.This means that companies which have not already converted from Armenian accounting standards (ASRA) to IFRSwill be obliged to do so during 2010.  Tower can assist clients to achieve this conversion and to explain the meaning of the underlying International Standards to management.

Tower can also help newly established companies to set up accounting software in compliance with IFRS and to maintain its bookkeeping and financial reporting throughout the year (outsourcing service). Additionally, we are able to prepare regular management reports in compliance with head office requirements.

Tower offers the following accounting services:

  • Accounting Advisory Services in Armenia (IFRS)

  • Ongoing Accounting and Tax Outsourcing in Armenia

» Setting up accounting systems

» Keeping accounting records, based on the information provided by the client

» Payroll calculations

» Preparation of tax returns and other statutory reports

» Providing monthly or quarterly management reports

» Year end statutory reporting

  • Operational Reviews

» Analysis of specific structures and day-to-day transactions.