Real Estate Consutling Services in Armenia

For international clients looking to enter or having newly entered the real estate market, a lack of in-depth knowledge of local values can easily lead to overpayment. The practice of property valuations in Armenia is not long enough established as a profession to always be reliable. International clients often do not perform a search of the market opportunities due to lack of knowledge or time. They frequently acquire a specific property that has been introduced which, in some cases, does not present the best value. Furthermore, the concept of owning property is still relatively new in Armenia and many loop holes exist which require extensive legal knowledge and expertise so that pitfalls may be avoided.

Tower's knowledge of real-time prices through frequent actual transactions and observing the market allows us to guide international investors so that they can achieve the optimal pricing for either purchasing/selling or renting property. Absentee real estate owners/investors benefit from having a representative who is in place year-round to follow up on the investments which have been made. Through careful analysis of documentation we ensure that clean title is achieved during the purchase of property.

Tower also provides consulting services for projects with a focus on the tourism sector. This includes: identifying suitable real estate (hotels, resorts and chains), project managing the construction of the development and change of planning permission where needed.

Tower offers the following real estate consulting services:

  • Valuation Reviews
  • Construction Feasibility Studies - Residential, Commercial/Retail, Industrial
  • Raising Finance and Mortgage Advisory
  • Project Management, New Constructions and Refurbishment
  • Identifying Locations/Buildings for Construction or Space Rental
  • Legal Processes for Real Estate - Sale, Purchase or Rental
  • Real Estate Investment, Project Management including Pre-Lettings
  • Tourism Sector Projects – feasibility studies and investor search