Новости Тауэр

1 August 2017 | Legal Services for North American Mining Services Company

Having been satisfied by Tower’s preliminary setting up advice, this North American Mining Services Company has additionally engaged Tower to provide extensive LEGAL ADVISORY SERVICES. This has included the provision of assistance to some 40 overseas staff in applying and ... читать далее >>

13 февраля 2017 | Юридическая Консультация

Немецкая Неправительственная Организация пригласила Тауэр участвовать в конкурсе по предоставлению юридических услуг в Армении. По результатам конкурса, в котором приняли участие также другие Армянские юридические фирмы, Тауэр  стал победителем,  благодаря своему многолетнему опыту и выгодному ценовому предложению. читать далее >>

13 June 2016 | New Georgian Investor in Armenia

Tower’s services were chosen by a Georgian investor after a competitive bidding and Tower will register a new LLC and continue to provide accounting, tax and legal outsourcing services to the investor.  The main reasons for winning this new client ... читать далее >>

17 May 2016 | Tower is appointed accountant by an International IT company

Tower will be providing accounting and tax outsourcing services on an ongoing basis to an international innovative solutions provider. Tower is excited with this partnership which will surely grow into new achievements in this field for both parties.     читать далее >>

22 March 2016 | Excise Tax Rates are increasing by 10%

According to the changes made to the RA law “On Excise Taxes” the excise tax rates on alcoholic drinks, tobacco products and petrol have been increased by approximately 10%. In addition compressed natural gas has also become subject to excise ... читать далее >>

29 May 2015 | Tower is appointed accountant by two separate International Mining companies.

Tower will be providing accounting and tax outsourcing services on an ongoing basis to both these companies and additionally, one of these companies has asked Tower to conduct a Financial and Legal Review of the last two years of its ... читать далее >>

6 May 2015 | New outsourcing win.

Recently Tower won a contract under competition gaining a new European client involved in the North South Highway construction, Government contract. Tower will be providing a full spectrum of outsourcing services for the Armenian Branch comprising Accounting, Tax, HR, Payroll ... читать далее >>

10 November 2014| Expatriate Personal Tax

Tower has been engaged by the expatriate personnel of an international company doing business in Armenia, to handle the personal income tax returns of its key employees. Expatriates who spend more than 183 days a year in Armenia and have ... читать далее >>

20 September 2014 | Tower has been engaged to provide legal advisory services to an organization with Diplomatic status in Armenia.

Tower was approached by a European Diplomatic organization in Armenia in order to provide it with Legal Advisory services. Tower is advising the organization on various types of commercial contracts, HR issues, payroll tax and various other ad hoc legal ... читать далее >>

17.04.2014 | New legislation to attract startups in Armenia

The Government of Armenia has recently made proposals to introduce new legislation to attract start ups in the High Tech / IT sector. The government approved a package of draft legal amendments that would exempt newly established IT companies employing ... читать далее >>