Tower's Services

Armenia's continuing transition to a market economy provides an increasing number of opportunities while also presenting many complexities to those wishing to operate in or enter the market. In order to be successful, businesses and investors must have a real understanding of how the local market functions and the challenges that will be faced. At the same time, it is critical that international standards and best practice is applied to all aspects of a business venture. Companies and investors need a trusted and reliable partner to advise and assist them.

Tower International Consultants brings to its partners 17 years of expertise across all of the major industry sectors in Armenia. This, together with Alan Kutchukian's 30 years of work experience in the UK financial sector, will ensure that clients receive the combined benefit of both in-depth local knowledge and an international perspective in developing tailored financial advisory services.

We offer the following services to our clients:

» Accounting Advice / Accounting Outsourcing in Armenia

» Tax Advice / Tax Outsourcing in Armenia

» Legal Services / Legal Advice in Armenia

» Business Advisory Services

» Real Estate Consulting Services