Benefits of Professional Legal Services in ‎Armenia

How can companies get more benefits using offers from professional legal service providers in Armenia

Benefits of Professional Legal Services by Outsourcing Company in ‎Armenia

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Accounting Services in Armenia: 20+ years of experience

The opinion that globalization and the rapid development of the economy’s ‎business segment make a specialized professional highly undemanding is a ‎completely false statement. The narrower specialization of a company or a ‎person means higher professionalism and deeper knowledge. If some of the ‎associated activities seem burdensome for the company in terms of money or ‎any other expenses, outsourcing comes to the rescue. It is necessary to ‎distinguish between the concept of a one-time consultation and outsourcing.‎

Outsourcing allows you to entrust the management of these areas to ‎professionals and focus all your efforts on solving key strategic and ‎production problems.‎

Outsourcing business processes stands for hiring third party professionals ‎from various fields. A classic example of such outsourcing is legal or ‎accounting outsourcing.‎

State of the legal service industry in Armenia

Doing business in any country can be tough, if not knowing legislation, tax, ‎and other regulatory systems. Armenia is not an exception, even while taking ‎into account its openness, freedom, and well-developed business establishment ‎strategies. The essential part of the company’s growth is professionals in law, ‎tax, accounting, and other areas that help to avoid pitfalls, build smart ‎business strategies, take advantage of tax benefits, etc.

As a developing ‎country with a growing economy, Armenian legislation systems go through ‎changes to provide a better business environment for those outsides and insides ‎who want to invest in the business. Thus, constant training and well awareness of regulatory changes are essential for the professional to ensure clients’ safety ‎and avoid pitfalls occurring during the working process.

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Hiring a knowledgeable local lawyer company in Armenia to minimize the risks, avoid ‎mistakes that are unavoidable is a smart decision

Hiring a knowledgeable local lawyer company to minimize the risks, avoid ‎mistakes that are unavoidable is a smart decision. Legal service companies in ‎Armenia are diverse – from big companies with proven professional portfolios ‎to newly established little agencies. Sure, the budget for hiring a legal service ‎agency can vary widely in Armenia, depending on many factors such as the ‎company’s scale, specific service, and cooperation terms.

However, the ‎shortest and easiest way to get a professional legal service without risks, no ‎doubt, is to hire a local experienced company with a proven portfolio of ‎successful cases, as such companies have tremendous working experience, ‎have dealt with various legislation issues, being constantly in the center of ‎changes, events and are fast to adapt to changes and face challenges. These ‎factors make them reliable partners, and outsourcing – a key element for a ‎successful business.‎

Tower International Consultants offers Accounting, Tax and Legal advice, Accounting and Tax outsourcing and Business advisory / consulting services to major Armenian and International companies.

Why outsourcing legal service in Armenia

Armenia is famous for its outsourcing potential, which includes first of all IT ‎sector. However, a strong educational background recommended law, tax, and other business-related specialists in the best way, while thinking about hiring ‎specialists in these areas. Especially in the commercial sector Armenian ‎legislation system is not always easy to understand even for locals. Hence, a ‎proven skilled company with close relations and membership in the legal ‎network around the world, analyzed drafts of Laws and Legal Regulations in ‎Armenia can provide critical and independent consultancy on interesting ‎issues. ‎

First of all, outsourcing is about cost-cutting. It is rather financially ‎advantageous to hire a local experienced legal company than keep an in-house ‎lawyer team. Outsourcing legal companies are paid for specific services, often ‎hourly. Thus, outsourcing legal services allows paying only in case of ‎processes, not in regular terms.‎

Legal demands for businesses in Armenia

With the highest GDP growth of 7.6% in Europe (2019) Armenia is an ‎attractive island for investors and businessmen when taking into account the ‎economic reforms, openness, and investment-oriented efforts of Armenia’s ‎Government to develop Armenia’s business environment and promote the ‎processes of starting a business.‎

From the legal regulation side, processes are fastened and eased tremendously ‎over the last decade. Here are the main benefits for investors:‎

‎• Fast registration (from one to three business days, depending on the physical ‎presence of business owner)‎
‎• Low-cost registration fee (no minimum requirements for business)‎
‎• Foreign ownership opportunity (foreigner can be 100% owner of the ‎company)‎
‎• No tax and low taxes for specific fields (for example IT, micro business, and ‎etc.)

Why choosing Tower as your legal advisor

An experienced legal company with more than 20 years of professional history ‎Tower legal consultants specialize in analyzing drafts of Laws and Legal ‎Regulations in Armenia and provide critical and independent opinions. ‎Tower’s Legal Team provides advisory services, representation, and protection ‎of the Clients’ interests in the State Bodies, showing a customized approach to ‎each client, taking into account all the circumstances before making a price and ‎service offer to our client companies.‎

20+ Years Experience in Accounting Services in Armenia

It is easier to avoid such complications if you work with experienced accounting outsourcing organizations such as Tower. Outsourcing organizations, dealing with those issues and legislation and being constantly at the center of events, adapt very quickly to external changes and respond very quickly to those changes. Reliability and impeccable performance are the key factors that will make you turn to accounting firms…

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