About Company

Empowering Successful Business in Armenia

Tower is an Accounting, Business and Legal Advisory company whose staff has a proven track record in successfully assisting local and international companies doing business in Armenia. We provide value-added solutions for business in accordance with the business customs and practices in Armenia and in compliance with the law.

Tower was established in April 2007 by Alan Kutchukian, a UK Chartered Accountant who has extensive experience working with a variety of organizations and institutions.

We provide Accounting, Tax and Legal advice, Accounting and Tax outsourcing and Business advisory / consulting services to major Armenian and International companies, investors and financial institutions. Our goal is to offer flexible, customized services that meet the specific needs of each client.

Tower International Consultants through its team of professional staff makes available its deep knowledge of the business sector of Armenia to its clients, both local and international.

Our commitment to Quality, Clarity and Integrity has helped us to build solid relationships in the business community in Armenia. Tower’s charges are very competitive and in order to establish long term relationships we even register new companies or branches without any charge.

Working with Tower helps to create a Culture of Lawful and Successful Business in Armenia.

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6/4 Abelyan Street, TGA Business Centre, 4th Floor, 0038 Yerevan, Armenia
Phone: +374 12 571 631, + 374 12 571 632