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13 Jan
Economy Growth concept
Armenia’s economy trends in global context: 2023-2024 overview

Even though Armenia is the tiniest country in the Caucasus region, with about 3 million people, it catches attention because of its growing economy. When you look into why this is happening, you'll find creative entrepreneurs, smart researchers, scientists, and a strong community spirit.

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15 Dec
Yerevan night panorama
5 critical insights for successful entity registration in Armenia

Navigate the essential aspects of entity registration in Armenia effortlessly with our guide, spotlighting 5 vital points that pave the way for a successful and compliant business setup. There are so many points to cover, from choosing a location for your business to managing the step-by-step legal process for entity registration in Armenia. 

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04 Sep
The fundamentals of registering your business in Armenia
Guide for Registration of Business in Armenia

Starting a business in Armenia involves important steps and paperwork. In this article, we'll explain the important things you need to do and how to make it easier. We'll talk about deciding to start a business and using online tools to speed things up. Whether you're from Armenia or thinking about doing business here, knowing these details is crucial for your success.

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31 Jul
The crossing of Sayat Nova Avenue and Abovyan street in Yerevan, Armenia
10 things you should know about buying real estate in Armenia

In parallel with the growing interest in property purchases, the market of Armenia's real estate has registered a significant 19% price growth per square meter between 2021 and 2022. The data of 2023 is not yet available, but with a simple sneak peek at the real estate market and tracking the prices, you will clearly see the stable growth of prices.

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30 Jun
Central Station of Yerevan, Armenia
What industries are growing faster in Armenia?

Armenia, recognized as the swiftest developing nation in Eastern Europe and Central Asia according to the World Bank, presents a highly promising investment destination. With an escalating pace of economic growth projected for the upcoming years, the country offers lucrative opportunities for investors.

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08 Jun
Yerevan city, Heratsi and Charents streets crossing
What should you know about investments in Armenia?

Are you considering investing in Armenia but find yourself overwhelmed with questions and uncertainties? This article aims to provide you with a comprehensive guide to frequently asked questions about investments in Armenia.

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16 May
Armenian currencies
Armenia taxation system guide

Providing a comprehensive insight into the Armenian tax system, this overview sheds light on the various legal entity types and the corresponding tax obligations applicable in Armenia. Understanding the intricacies of the tax framework...

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03 May
Extracts of Legal practices of relocation to the Republic of Armenia for foreign businesses.
Legal practices of relocation to Armenia

As well known, Armenia has quite flexible regulations for investments and setting up international business. In this context, investment-worthy consists of broad opportunities from the perspective of various tax regimes for business. 

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29 Sep
Questions and answers about Armenian business ecosystem
6 FAQs about Armenian business ecosystem

Armenia’s business environment evolves at an exciting pace regardless of or due to external factors. And even though the ecosystem is quite developed and fully compliant with the latest digital transformations, it is sometimes challenging to find...

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13 Aug
Yerevan business infrastructure
Relocation of companies and individuals to Armenia

Armenia’s tech industry has been evolving at a quite predictable and stable pace for the last five years. And this pace might have continued or grown steadily if not for several groundbreaking historical (already historical) events we all witnessed.

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31 May
IT growth in Armenia
Armenian IT growth

In independent Armenia, the IT sector gained momentum again in the late 1990s, and most companies were founded in the 2000s. Initially, most of the products were made with the Outsourcing model․ In 2008-2009 the Outsourcing index decreased, giving way to Product Development.

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16 Mar
Yerevan, Armenia
Business growth & investments in Armenia 2022-2023

Armenia is a hidden gem, a cultural and historical center, that is already shifting to an attractive destination for business and investments. The IT talent pool, scientific centers, and sustainability in all the segments will transform the country’s economic environment...

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19 Feb
Residential building in Yerevan
The future of construction business in Armenia

The construction of new apartment buildings, which have significantly increased in previous years, was mainly carried out by private organizations, and the activity of the sphere is connected by specialists with the well-known income tax return law.

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11 Dec
Tech segment’s growth impact on Armenia’s economy

Тhe hi-tech industry is the fastest growing economic industry in Armenia. ‎Last year, the turnover of Armenian tech/IT companies increased to ~$ 400 ‎million, or by 20 percent. In 2020, also the number of employees in this industry increase by 22%

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23 Oct
Business Center and Mall in Yerevan, Armenia
Entity registration in Armenia 2022

Upon a decision to found a company in Armenia many investors come across the thought of whether to handle the process by themselves or to apply for professional consulting services. How to register an entity in Armenia in 2022 It should not be left unnoted that the Armenian state bodies are constantly introducing new solutions,...

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11 Jul
Tower's support to Armenian high tech companies
Tower’s IT support in Armenia

Tower, based on the current situation, wanting to contribute to the development of this sector in Armenia, decided to take a unique approach to IT companies, offering high quality services with even more affordable pricing conditions

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08 May
Business credits industry in Armenia
Key companies in the business credit industry in Armenia

According to the ArmBanks research, the loan capacity of 17 Armenian banks has grown by 5.7% during the last 2 quarters of 2020, reaching 3.770.5 trillion AMD

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12 Apr
Business Loans in Armenia
Business loans in Armenia. How easy is it to get business credit in Armenia?

Official statistics states – there are 68 500 small and medium-size businesses currently operating in Armenia, and their number has not increased compared to last year mainly because of the COVID-19 pandemic impact

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15 Mar
Business environment in Armenia
Professional legal and tax assistance in Armenia

During the preliminary stages of making investments in any field, each investor first studies the legal norms of the country or region, which regulate the economic and employment activities of companies

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29 Jan
Accounting Services in Armenia: 20+ years of experience
Benefits of Professional Legal Services by Outsourcing Company in ‎Armenia

The opinion that globalization and the rapid development of the economy's ‎business segment make a specialized professional highly undemanding is a ‎completely false statement. The narrower specialization of a company or a ‎person means higher professionalism and deeper knowledge

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02 Dec
Business Taxes in Armenia
Your legal and tax advisor in Armenia

Tower International Consultants CJSC has an extensive network of business and professional contacts and knows key actors (other companies, government entities, officials, experts) that would be instrumental in resolving matters, finding the right and trusted partners, or conducting regular business in general

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10 Nov
Tax know hows in Armenia
Special service of handling your legal, accounting and tax compliance work

Tower International Consultants CJSC is one of the few financial service advisory companies which has continued to operate under Covid-19 and the recent political situation in the RA thus making its small investment in the economy.

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27 Oct
Mobile payments
Online payments in Armenia: perspectives and future

The current year registered an unprecedented rise of online payments, because of many reasons, including the global healthcare situation: it is predicted to have 1 billion people using mobile payment apps worldwide at the end of the year and 1.31 billion by 2023!

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24 Aug
What should expect taxpayers from new reforms in Armenia
Tax questions: what you should know before starting a business in Armenia

In general, the tax system in Armenia offers small and medium-sized businesses a number of tax advantages to allowing this sector to stabilize and develop. The tax legislation rules in Armenia are rather flexible and are subject to frequent changes. These changes often happen so quickly that even many professionals do not have time to respond in time.

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