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Conquering new markets and entering new business environments is always a tough task to handle while deciding to expand the business in another country. The company should explore the local laws, accounting, and taxation systems, start hiring a professional staff with education and experience to settle and develop the business.

This is not as easy as it sounds. Recruiting the true professionals, foreseeing their role in the team, and revealing their potential is what the company should do first.

For avoiding all the difficulties and saving time and resources for business matters, companies choose to hire a local outsourcing company to manage legal, tax, and accounting affairs, as those entities already acquired deep knowledge in the Armenian legal segments, accounting, and tax areas, and have already hired professionals ready to provide top-notch service in these areas. These companies’ employees go under continuous certifications and education, which ensures them to be on top of any amendments, related above mentioned areas.

One of the top local professional advisory companies in Armenia with over 20 years of experience in Outsourcing is Tower International Consultants CJSC. Over the years of activity, Tower has assisted companies operating in various fields.

By approaching Tower, you can be sure that starting from the first steps of founding a company in Armenia we will take responsibility for each action needed for the future prosperity of your company. The experience gained over the years has provided us with several advantages in the market. The crucial role among the advantages belongs to the staff, and it is not only connected with the fact that we hire only professionals but also working in Tower helps them deeply involve in the international communications and business processes. Our staff has all the required skills and qualifications for the organization of works between us and our clients. Most of our clients are international companies doing business in Armenia.

The other advantage we have in the market is connected with the competitive price we suggest to our clients. The price calculation is based on the time we expect to spend. However, we take into account the fact that some companies are going to take their first steps and may have difficulties at the beginning, so as a support we have always suggested a discount for the first period of operation, thus, giving them chance to stabilize .and take better positions in the market.

Tower International Consultants CJSC is one of those rare agencies to trust in finding trustworthy partners, conducting regular business, and etc.

The large network of agencies ‘ trustees (companies, government entities, officials, experts) will ensure your business success.

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