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Entity Registration in Armenia
Entity Registration in Armenia

Legal Advisory Services & Consulting in Armenia

Tower International Consultants offers legal advisory services and legal consulting in Armenia.
Armenian laws in the commercial sector are not always easy to understand both for local and international companies.

Tower is experienced in analyzing drafts of Laws and drafts of Legal Regulations in Armenia and can provide its critical and independent opinion on such. Our Legal Team provides advisory services, representation and protection of the Clients’ interests in the State Bodies.

Legal Consulting in Armenia

Laws and drafts of Legal Regulations in Armenia

Tower’s Lawyers are also experienced in analysing the problematic questions which exist in the sphere of International Trade and Taxation Law.

Tower will provide clients with summaries of applicable laws to address their legal questions in a clear and practical manner. In addition, to any given legal situation or question, several related laws may need to be researched and/or reviewed. Each question needs to be analyzed both individually and in the context of other relevant laws in order to develop a clear and practical solution. Tower can assist international investors from the point of registering a business in Armenia and can thereafter provide ongoing legal advice once the business is operational.

Tower offers legal services in Armenia in the following practice areas:

Legal Consulting & Outsourcing Services in Armenia

Analyzing you special business needs Tower consults you on the most effective legal structural form for establishment in Armenia.

Tower’ s corporate  registration services include:

  • Registration/deregistration of legal entities/territorial subdivisions
  • Preparation of founding document for all legal structural forms of organizations
  • Share transfers, charter capital increase and decrease
  • Change of company participants
  • Assessment of economic competition risks
  • Identification of required licenses
  • Presentation of licensing procedure
  • Identification and drafting of the required documents

Tower’s legal experts have sharp eye to identify the legal gaps and inconsistencies in the documents of your target company. Tower’ legal due diligence service include

  • Data collection and analyses
  • Risk assessment and allocation
  • Evaluation of legal data
  • Reporting in oral and written form

Tower’s lawyers have a vast experience in assisting the clients to deal with day to day issues which require lawyer’s attention. Such issues which might be hidden from the eyes of managers are in the center of attention of our lawyers. We work to prevent any kind of problems and give their solution right at the very beginning and on time.

Tower’s legal consulting service comprises:

Contract law

Preparation and review of all types of legal contracts which include without limitation:

  • Analyzing lease, loan, employment and other regulations, draft commercial, labor, civil contracts
  • Identification of formal requirements, material obligations and responsibilities of the contractual parties, state authorities,

Intellectual property

  • Preparation and filling of trade mark registration applications
  • Preparation and review of license agreements on use of intellectual property rights

Antitrust and Competition

  • Identification of antitrust risks in agreements between businesses in horizontal and vertical markets, consulting on the ways of their elimination,
  • Review and identification of unfair competition elements

Trade and Tax law

  • Preparation and review of international trade agreements
  • Incoterms
  • Double taxation regulations
  • National Tax compliance

Non-tariff regulations

  • Identification of application of non-tariff regulation to the imported products
  • Provision of summaries and explanations on non-tariff regulation applicable in Armenia and Eurasian Economic Union

Legal translation

Tower’s staff has lawyers who are well specialized in translate on and review of legal documents from English, Russian, French and Armenian.

Here at Tower we believe that any disagreement can be turn into a profitable deal for both parties. Tower’s lawyers have the knowledge and practice to provide intelligent compromise solution that parties could clearly understand the zone of possible agreement and see best alternative to the negotiated agreement.

Tower helps foreigners with high ambitions who wish to start business in Armenia or get employed to identify and receive work permit and relevant residency status. This residency status will let foreign business men and employees live and work in Armenia in the equal conditions with Armenian citizens.

We have helped more than 50 foreigners from different countries to receive residency permits in Armenia, live and work without any limitations.

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