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Business consulting & advisory in Armenia

Tower helps companies to achieve higher levels of efficiency by analysing the organisation together with the help of the owner to identify ways and means of improving the results of any given business.

Business Advisory & Consulting in Armenia

By seeing what the opportunities are through market studies, we can help to expand or improve business efficiency. If financial resources are needed, Tower will prepare a business plan for bank loan applications. If equity capital is lacking, we will find suitable investors to join local companies as a partner. Tower also identifies suitable investment opportunities in Armenia for international investors in their chosen sector.

Tower understands the concerns of international investors entering the Armenian market. By having first-hand professional experience of the players and companies we are able to recognize the challenges and issues that need to be addressed and discussed by both the international investors and the Armenian partners.

Tower offers the following business advisory services in Armenia:

  • Strategic Planning and Organizational Development

» Business strategy reviews, planning and improvement

» Development of procedures and processes for strategy implementation

» Organization structure assessment and improvement, including corporate structure of holding groups

» Marketing research for business planning and feasibility studies

» Business plan preparation

» Assistance in raising finance

» Management reporting systems (setting up and improving)

» Internal controls (setting up, reviews and improvement)

  •  Business Performance Improvement

» Performance measurement and improvement

» Process improvement services

» Cost management services, including activity based costing

» Margin enhancement services

» Budgeting/planning services

  • Transaction Services

» Business valuations

» Advice and preparation for floating companies on stock markets

» Due diligence and transaction support

» Merger and acquisition advice

  • Pre-deal planning and transaction structuring
  • Post-acquisition integration
  • Assistance in identifying suitable investment opportunities
  • Financial Risk Management

» Financial planning, budgeting, and rolling forecasts

» Management information and board and executive reporting

» Financial risk management and treasury function development

» Benchmarking and review of the finance function

» Financial modelling

» Value-based management

» Capital investment appraisal

» Rapid close, aimed at reducing reporting times for month and year end

  • Internal Audit
  • Bank Loan Portfolio Assessment
  • Investor Assistance and Partner Search
  • Executive Recruitment Search

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