Entity registration in Armenia 2022

What's the easiest way to register a company in Armenia
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Entity registration in Armenia 2022

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Upon a decision to found a company in Armenia many investors come across the thought of whether to handle the process by themselves or to apply for professional consulting services.

How to register an entity in Armenia in 2022

It should not be left unnoted that the Armenian state bodies are constantly introducing new solutions, which allow the investors to implement all the necessary steps towards entity registration in Armenia with a simpler procedure. Such solutions include, for example, the online options for entity registration, registration in the tax authority, the idea of a ​​“single window”, which have greatly facilitated and accelerated these processes.

Only professionals practicing in this field and well aware of the legal regulations of Armenia may assist investors with choosing the right form

However, no matter how the state modifies its policies to make everything simpler and quicker, there is always a need for professional legal consulting services for entity registration in Armenia. This has many reasons. The first step to take is to get acquainted with the organizational and legal forms of the entities like LLCs, JSCs, Branches of internationally owned companies, Representative Offices, Associations, Cooperatives, etc.

This will help to understand which of these types best suits the needs of the business, depending on the activities of the company, and only professionals practicing in this field and well aware of the legal regulations of the country may assist investors with choosing the right form.

Another issue that interests the investors in the entity registration process is the expenses. It is no news that the entity registration process comes along with some expenses, which include the state fees or other expenses for translational or notary services. Professional legal consulting companies usually handle the whole registration process including using the notary services up to the moment the entity is officially registered in the state registry system. Especially low fees are charged for Registration where Tower also provides ongoing outsourcing services (accounting, tax compliance, payroll, etc) once the entity is registered and in operation.

The shortest way to easily register an entity in Armenia

Tower International Consultants has taken the process even further with assisting the clients with the bank account opening and stamp/seal ordering for the registered entity. If presented in detail, Tower’s registration services include:

1. Preparation of draft Charter,
2. Preparation of relevant decision on the establishment,
3. Preparation of Power of Attorney for the registration of Branch in RA State Registry Agency,
4. Organization of Notarial Translation of Founder’s founding documents,
5. Provision of legal address registration (if needed),
6. Submission of the package of documents to RA State Registry Agency of Legal Entities,
7. Receiving of State Registry Extract as well as a Registered copy of Charter.

Tower’s specialists have much experience in this field that will be able to support any investor to carry out the entity registration process in the shortest possible period. Contact us for a free quote and quick advisory

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