Professional legal and tax assistance in Armenia

We'll help maximize future profits and to minimize the risk of future losses

Professional legal and tax assistance in Armenia

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Business environment in Armenia

During the preliminary stages of making investments in any field, each investor first studies the legal norms of the country or region, which regulate the economic and employment activities of companies. This takes major research in the business environment for correctly organizing the company’s operations. All of this is necessary to help maximize future profits and to minimize the risk of future losses so that the money invested serves its purpose.

Professional companies such as Tower offer outsourcing services of legal and tax and accounting consulting. Being specialized in this field, such organizations gather professional staff with relevant education, qualifications and experience and create a team that will be able to provide legal and tax outsourcing services with complete, correct and up to date information, to serve as the basis for the investor to take the first steps, such as the selection of the necessary legal type of organization, formation and registration of the company as well as further ongoing legal and tax support for each operation the company takes up.

Accounting Advisory and Accounting Outsourcing Services in Armenia

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Tax Advisory and Tax Outsourcing in Armenia

Both international and local companies operating in Armenia which aspire to maintain transparent reporting need to understand the Armenian taxation system.

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Legal Consulting in Armenia

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With over 20 years of experience in Armenia, Tower has gained a great deal of experience, which allows it to perfectly perform the above functions in the shortest possible time, to help build a company on a sustainable basis, to ensure further uninterrupted work.

Working with a wide range of international companies operating in a variety of industries, such as engineering, commercial enterprises, mining, humanitarian work, leasing, construction, etc., Tower has gained a wealth of experience that gives it an unmatched advantage over other providers of advice in the market. Tower’s charges are very competitive and we give special low fees for startups with the aim of establishing long-term relationships.
By choosing Tower, investors underwrite the company against most of the risks that may arise in the legal and tax field as Tower’s team of professionals offer QUALITY, CLARITY AND INTEGRITY and timely support to their clients.

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