Legal Services in Armenia: Advisory & Due Diligence for International Companies

Why companies in Armenia need professional legal services to outsource professional teams

Legal services in Armenia: advisory and due diligence for Armenian enterprises

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Doing business in Armenia

In this segment, we want to introduce you to our legal services for Armenian companies which include legal outsourcing and due diligence: what benefits you will get by cooperating with legal advisory companies in Armenia, what the purpose of due diligence services are and other legal and business related issues.

Every investor, wanting to invest in a foreign country, takes into account many circumstances. One of the important matters is the tax system of the country, as well as the educational level of the workforce and many other facts to be carefully learned before starting a business overseas. Along with these factors, there is an important factor that plays an outstanding role in the process of investment decision-making. It is the legal system of the country. Most businessmen would want to make sure that their business is safe from many dangers that may arise during its operation.

How to get legal services in Armenia?

For instance, it is unlikely that one will want to take some brand/trademark to a country where copyright/trademark protection rules are not sufficiently regulated, and there is no control over the implementation of those norms. Or, for example, to invest a large amount of money to start a business and suddenly find out that the business in that specific country is considered to be illegal due to some preconditions. Thus, we can say with confidence that one will need reliable and highly qualified partners who got who have many years experience in providing legal services and who will take care of all the legal issues arising in Armenia.

By receiving high quality legal advisory in Armenia, one will be able to build a business on a sustainable basis, as well as avoid many legal issues that may arise with its partners, government agencies, competitors, and any third parties throughout the whole business decision-making and operating process.

How to find legal services and advisory company in Armenia?

Professional Legal Services in Armenia
Tower International Consultants Provides Professional Legal Services in Armenia More Than 15 Years

By using Tower’s legal outsourcing services, investors will ensure smooth operation of the business and professional problem-solving against many risks that are inevitable during the business activities.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the role of due diligence services among companies has much increased now, because this way one may reveal the risk and security of its and its partners’ existing contractual relations, one can find out how protected its interests are if starting or going through litigation processes.

Why companies need legal due diligence in Armenia?

Companies that pay less attention to legal due diligence and decide to take care of all the legal matters themselves, usually end up to be very vulnerable even when they have actually fulfilled their contractual obligations, but do not have sufficient grounds to prove it.

The Armenian legal system currently has a solid foundation, actively cooperating with international organizations and following the norms adopted by international treaties, so if the companies providing investors with legal advisory in Armenia fulfill their responsibilities in a timely manner, then we believe they will achieve the desired result.

We must note that during its long-term career, Tower has been involved in many serious legal matters with Client companies and we can confidently say that all these issues have been resolved in the best interests of our clients. This is due to the qualified team, professionals having much experience working with international companies in Armenia and the fact that Tower has always required its team to be on top of every legal reform and amendment, to be able to guide the Clients through every step of the way, providing them with high quality professional legal services in Armenia.

Author: Elen Baghdasaryan | Tower International Consultants