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16 May
Armenian currencies
Armenia taxation system guide

Providing a comprehensive insight into the Armenian tax system, this overview sheds light on the various legal entity types and the corresponding tax obligations applicable in Armenia. Understanding the intricacies of the tax framework...

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29 Sep
Questions and answers about Armenian business ecosystem
6 FAQs about Armenian business ecosystem

Armenia’s business environment evolves at an exciting pace regardless of or due to external factors. And even though the ecosystem is quite developed and fully compliant with the latest digital transformations, it is sometimes challenging to find...

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24 Aug
What should expect taxpayers from new reforms in Armenia
Tax questions: what you should know before starting a business in Armenia

In general, the tax system in Armenia offers small and medium-sized businesses a number of tax advantages to allowing this sector to stabilize and develop. The tax legislation rules in Armenia are rather flexible and are subject to frequent changes. These changes often happen so quickly that even many professionals do not have time to respond in time.

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21 Aug
Tax Reforms in Armenia
Tax Reforms in Armenia: Who are the beneficiaries?

From January 2020 Armenian switched to a flat income tax rate that sets income tax at 23% for each RA citizen regardless of their income size and will continue to decrease to 20% by 2023

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17 Jul
Accounting and Taxes in Armenia
Changes to the Regulation on Advance Profits Tax in Armenia

Recently, on 16 June 2020, major amendments took place in the tax legislation of the RA Tax Code. According to the law on amending the Tax Code, it will no longer be necessary to submit an application by March 20 of each tax year for the selection of an alternative method of making profit tax prepayments.

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10 Nov
Tax services in Armenia
Effective & cost-benefit tax services in Armenia

Being in compliance with the local and international tax systems is of utmost importance for any international and local company which works in Armenia. Tower’s approach is to ensure this compliance in combination with the best design and solutions that would make operations and transactions of our Client companies doing business in Armenia efficient and...

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17 Jun
Economic and Social Reforms of New Government in Armenia

Following the formation of a new government in Armenia in mid-2018, Tower International Consultants cjsc expects

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10 May
Payroll Services in Armenia
Law on change in Armenian tax code

The new law on changes in Armenian Tax Code after getting the approval from RA Government passed to RA National Assembly for approval. The main objectives of the project package are to make changes to the national tax burden and investment redistribution, as well as ongoing simplification of the micro-enterprise taxation system. In this short...

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22 Mar
Taxes in Armenia
Excise Tax Rates are increasing by 10%

According to the changes made to the RA law “On Excise Taxes” the excise tax rates on alcoholic drinks, tobacco products and petrol

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