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31 Jul
The crossing of Sayat Nova Avenue and Abovyan street in Yerevan, Armenia
10 things you should know about buying real estate in Armenia

In parallel with the growing interest in property purchases, the market of Armenia's real estate has registered a significant 19% price growth per square meter between 2021 and 2022. The data of 2023 is not yet available, but with a simple sneak peek at the real estate market and tracking the prices, you will clearly see the stable growth of prices.

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08 Jun
Yerevan city, Heratsi and Charents streets crossing
What should you know about investments in Armenia?

Are you considering investing in Armenia but find yourself overwhelmed with questions and uncertainties? This article aims to provide you with a comprehensive guide to frequently asked questions about investments in Armenia.

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03 May
Extracts of Legal practices of relocation to the Republic of Armenia for foreign businesses.
Legal practices of relocation to Armenia

As well known, Armenia has quite flexible regulations for investments and setting up international business. In this context, investment-worthy consists of broad opportunities from the perspective of various tax regimes for business. 

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31 May
IT growth in Armenia
Armenian IT growth

In independent Armenia, the IT sector gained momentum again in the late 1990s, and most companies were founded in the 2000s. Initially, most of the products were made with the Outsourcing model․ In 2008-2009 the Outsourcing index decreased, giving way to Product Development.

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16 Mar
Yerevan, Armenia
Business growth & investments in Armenia 2022-2023

Armenia is a hidden gem, a cultural and historical center, that is already shifting to an attractive destination for business and investments. The IT talent pool, scientific centers, and sustainability in all the segments will transform the country’s economic environment...

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12 Apr
Business Loans in Armenia
Business loans in Armenia. How easy is it to get business credit in Armenia?

Official statistics states – there are 68 500 small and medium-size businesses currently operating in Armenia, and their number has not increased compared to last year mainly because of the COVID-19 pandemic impact

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10 Jul
What expectations we have for Armenian real estate market for 2020
Investing in Real Estate in Armenia: Applicable Tax and Legal Support

In 2018 Armenian real estate market was worth $880.4 million and is expected to reach $1,249.3 million in 2026, with a CAGR of 4.3%. Currently, there are no significant changes in prices. However, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be deflation soon. But it is impossible to make clear predictions, according to the specialists. Market developments depend on the pace of construction and state support.

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17 Jun
North Avenue, Yerevan, Armenia
Starting Production Business in Armenia

Advantages of production business in Armenia Located in western Asia, Armenia exported US$2.6 billion worth of products around the globe in 2019. With the highest GDP rate in all Europe (7.6% GDP growth and GDP CAGR to 2020 is 3.2% for Armenia vs. CAGR of 2.7% for global GDP), economic reforms, and “open door” policy,...

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